We can host your Internet, e-mail or application servers in our data centres. We offer dedicated Dell-branded servers via a monthly rental contract.

You are totally at liberty to configure the dedicated server yourself or assisted by Pexys to make changes in your IT infrastructure on an ad hoc or regular basis. We can also fully facility-manage your dedicated server: management of updates, complete monitoring with alerts management, etc.

Virtualisation Pexys Suisse Genève



be the administrator and manage your server as you wish, or free yourself from the constraints and opt for facilities management.


A dedicated server offers total physical isolation compared with pooled hosting.

High availability

Guaranteed by the quality of the DELL servers we offer and hosting in our data centre


your server and resources can be scaled up with your needs. PEXYS masters a wide range of technologies in order to create and host architectures and services matching your requirements.


your services and resources are dedicated

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions.