Pexys sends its teams to your premises to provide IT system audit & consulting services. An audit brings to light any shortcomings in your IT resources, and helps us steer you towards concrete solutions for a reliable and secure network. On the basis of precise and detailed diagnostics, Pexys creates a roadmap to help you understand, upgrade and optimize your IT system, serving the strategy of your company. A flaw, updates not carried out or incorrect configurations… These are just some of the problems that can adversely affect your business and that can be  avoided by conducting an audit.

An in-depth analysis that enables us to examine:

  • The performance of the IT tool in place
  • The network’s security vis-à-vis internal users and protection against external intrusions
  • The backup strategies in place
  • The scalability of your IT tool with regard to your future needs


A visit in situ by a specialized technician

Analysis of security and the backup system

Creation of an analysis report

Proposed enhancements and optimization

Creation or updating of your hardware and software inventory

Do you want an audit of your IT system? Don't hesitate.