Server virtualization provides the assurance of uninterrupted activity, and available, reliable and constant access to your operating systems in all circumstances.

Virtualization enhances your IT resources and reduces the number of physical servers for enhanced performance. It cuts the cost of your infrastructures, facilitates your software deployments and developments, and simplifies your IT asset management.

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Pexys assists you in installing a virtual infrastructure or in migrating your existing servers. 

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Feasibility study

Definition of a target architecture

Migration of physical to virtual infrastructure

Virtualization of physical machines

Definition of backup strategies

Support around the virtualization offer

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The role of the Hyper-V server in Windows Server lets you create a virtualized server in an environment IT where you can create and control virtual computers. You can run several operating systems on the same physical computer and isolate the operating systems from one another. With this technology you can boost the efficiency of your IT resources and free up your hardware resources.

The Hyper-V technology virtualizes the hardware and provides an environment in which you can run several operating systems simultaneously on the same physical computer. Hyper-V lets you create and manage virtual computers and their resources. Each virtual computer is a separate and virtualized IT system that can run its own operating system. An operating system running in a virtual computer is called a guest operating system.

5 reasons to convert to VMWare in HYPER-V

Cloud strategy

Support existing and cloud application usage scenarios to resolve more than infrastructure problems and propose a long-term business strategy.

Unique security features

Benefit from protection, including on the part of administrators, thanks to new and unique integrated security features.

Native solutions

Deploy storage and network functions not available in VMware, at no extra cost.

Lower total cost of ownership

Cut your total cost of ownership compared with VMware by using a tried and tested platform featuring native functions.

Converged support

Choose hyper-converged or non-aggregated deployments, according to your needs; flexibility unique to Microsoft.

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